people in a village featuring a child transporting water jugs

Instapure Filtration is pleased to partner with the Wishing Well International Foundation. Wishing Well International Foundation (WWIF) is a non-profit organization which provides clean, safe drinking water to nearly 25,000 people living in developing areas each year. In partnership with donors, sponsors, and deployment specialists around the world, WWIF coordinates the installation of water filtration systems to communities that lack access to clean water. Not only do they provide water filtration technology to those developing areas, but they also help teach hygiene and sanitation instruction to the young in these communities.

Both organizations are committed to providing clean, safe water to people around the world and, by working together, the goal is to ensure that more people have access to safe drinking water. Instapure and WWIF also know that there is a fundamental need for access to clean water around the world and that water is essential to living a long and healthy life.

In 2015, WWIF simplified its message to down to simple math; for every $10 donated, 1 person is provided with clean water for 10 years. This 10-1-10 message underlines the massive contribution just $10 has on communities that need access to clean water.

By purchasing Instapure Filtration products, you become a part of the Wishing Well International Friends Program. With your purchase of any Instapure product, you can contribute and support Wishing Well in getting clean, fresh water to people around the world. Become a part of the Wishing Well International Friends Program by shopping now!

For more information about the Wishing Well International Foundation, or to make a donation directly, please visit their website at

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