Drink when you are hungry If you are middle aged or older, your body may mistake hunger for thirst. So everytime you get hungry, drink a glass of water. If your body was actually thirsty instead of hungry, that will satisfy your “hunger”. This is an excellent strategy for avoiding those in-between meal snacks that wreck your diet.

Use a straw Some people find that they take bigger gulps if they drink through a straw. You don’t have use a titanium straw like Beyonce, but try to use a reusable straw instead of a disposable straw. It’s better for the environment, and possibly better for your health. Disposable straws can have chemical residues on them.

Time yourself Set a timer to remind yourself to drink a glass of water. If you get 8 hours of sleep a night, plan to drink a glass of water 15 times during the day. To reach three liters, men will need to drink about a cup of water (200 Ml) per hour. Women will need to drink about ¾ of a cup (150 mL) of water per hour to reach 2.2 liters by the end of the day.

Get a drinking pal Find a friend or coworker that also wants to drink more water and agree to hold each other accountable.

Reward yourself It’s much easier to make a habit out of things you enjoy, so plan to give yourself a small reward at the end of each day and/or week that you meet your water consumption goal.

Drink the right amount of water – at the right time – and lose weight


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