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Jay Sargenti


I live in the Central Coast of California, where filtration is a necessity. Both the InstaPure Faucet Mount System and Filters are very high quality and durable. This line of faucet mount filtration just happen to be the least expensive of all options available for my needs. My pets love filtered water too.
Happy filtering!


Jackie Lopez


YES! Ample water flow with regular tap and descent flow through filter. Switch to turn on and off is large and operates smoothly. MUCH BETTER THAN BRITA.


Mary Cobb


I put the filter on my cold water in my kitchen, works great, takes away that chlorine taste. I highly recommend it if you hate the taste of over chlorinated drinking water.


Laura Lippey


The instapure is great! I haven’t had a problem with it yet and I use it daily! The nozzle fits snuggly on to my faucet without any leaks or sprays, it literally took me 5 minutes to install it. The water quality is great. Very clear and tastes fresh!


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