1.              Overview and Purpose.

This Privacy Policy governs the Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) collected by this site. Please take a few minutes to read the following Policy. This Policy covers Instapure Brand Inc.’s (“Instapure”) treatment of information that we collect from you when you are on the Instapure website and/or this site and app or when you use our products and services. If you have questions about our privacy policy, please submit it on the CONTACT US page.

2.              Intellectual Property.

The Instapure Brands, Inc. website and this site and app contain copyrighted material, trademarks and other proprietary information including text, photos and graphics. Instapure owns, or has right to use, intellectual property rights therein, including the selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of the website, this site and the publications contained therein or delivered thereby, as well as in the content original to it. No license to or right in any such copyrights, trademarks, patents, proprietary information, technologies, products, processes and other proprietary rights of Instapure is granted to or conferred upon you. You may not modify, publish, transmit, display, participate in the transfer or sale, create derivative works, or in any way exploit the content of the Instapure website, and/or this site and app, or any portion of them. Instapure hereby authorizes you only to copy the content herein solely for your personal and private use in learning about, evaluating, or acquiring Instapure products.

Except where expressly noted, no other permission is granted to print, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, upload, download, store, display in public, alter, or modify the content contained on the Instapure website and/or this site and app. Any unauthorized use of any material contained on this website and/or this site and app may violate copyright laws, trademark laws, the laws of privacy and publicity, and communications regulations and statutes. Any other use of materials on this website and/or this site and app, including reproduction for purposes other than those expressly permitted herein, modification, distribution, or republication, without prior written permission of Instapure is strictly prohibited. Any copy made by you as permitted herein must retain all copyright and trademark notices, including any other proprietary notices, contained in the materials. The use of such materials on any other website or in any environment of networked computers is prohibited.

3.              Scope of the Policy.

This policy applies to Instapure’s treatment of PII that Instapure collects through the Instapure website and/or this site and app and when you use any of the services of Instapure. The Policy does not apply to practices of companies whose websites may be linked to the Instapure website and/or site and app. For access to the privacy policies of such linked websites, please refer to the information provided by such websites at their home pages. Also see the paragraph below under the heading “Hypertext Links”.

4.              PII Collected and Use.

Instapure collects PII when you request information from Instapure. On such occasions, Instapure may ask for your name, email address, zip code and other personal information. Instapure also receives and records information from server logs from your browser including “cookie” information relating to pages requested.

Instapure does not seek to collect such information from persons under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, please do not submit any such information to us. If you are the parent or guardian of a person under the age of 18 who has provided such information to us, please inform us (through the Instapure website or telephone number listed below) and we will remove such information from our database as described further below.

In addition, no person (of any age) is required to provide us with the PII we request. If you do not wish to provide such information, you are free not to do so. Your provision of requested information to us through the Instapure website or other means is presumed by us to be voluntary and with your consent to the uses described herein. If after submitting PII to us, you wish to “opt-out,” please contact us as noted above and we will remove your information from our database as set forth below in the section titled “Managing Your Information.” Please know that such a decision will not stop advertising or content that is generated prior to the time when we can accomplish the removal of your information.

Instapure may use the PII you provide to us to customize advertising and content that we present to you and to enhance our product offerings. We may also use the PII to contact you concerning specials and new products. Instapure will not sell or rent your PII to any third party except when:

  • You have been given an opportunity to “opt out” of sharing the information and have declined to exercise that right within the time period provided;
  • Instapure must share the information to provide a product or service that you have requested, in which case we will demand that any third party we use to fulfill your order agree that it does not have the right to use the PII other than to fulfill your request; or
  • Instapure is required to respond to subpoena, court orders or other legal process requiring such disclosure.

5.              Hypertext Links.

In the event this website and/or this site and app contains hypertext links to websites that are not created or maintained by Instapure, this privacy policy applies only to the Instapure website and/or this site and app and not to any of these third party websites. Instapure is not responsible for the accuracy, relevance, timeliness, or completeness of those third party websites. The inclusion of any link to such websites does not imply endorsement, sponsorship, or recommendation by Instapure of the third party websites. Instapure disclaims any liability for links (1) from another website to this website, and (2) to another website from this website. Please be aware that these other websites may have different privacy policies which may subject you to different privacy practices. Please review the privacy policies of such other websites for information concerning what information is collected on such sites and how it is used. Instapure cannot guarantee the standards of any website to which links are provided on the Instapure website and/or this site and app, nor shall Instapure be held responsible for the content of those websites, or any subsequent links. For this reason, Instapure does not represent or warrant that the content of any third party website is accurate, compliant with state or federal law, or compliant with copyright or other intellectual property laws. Instapure does not endorse the content of these third party websites in any way. Also, Instapure is not responsible for web casting or any other form of transmission received from any linked website. Any reliance on the content of a third party website is done at your own risk, and you assume all responsibilities and consequences resulting from such reliance.

6.              Managing Your Information.

You are entitled to request access to and correction of all your PII collected by us via the Instapure website and/or this site and app, as well as to require us to delete your data if you no longer want us to process it. You can make such a request or a related inquiry by submitting it on the CONTACT US page or by calling +1.970.212.4100. Please note that there may be a small charge for making an access request or it may be free, depending on the circumstances. You can find out more details by emailing or calling us as provided above. We will keep your PII as long as it is reasonably necessary for the purposes described in this privacy policy. You may choose not to receive unsolicited marketing material from Instapure and you have the right to request deletion of your Instapure account information, subject to Instapure’s need to keep appropriate archives of its business operations.

7.              Information We Collect and How We Use It.

Individuals may choose to provide personal information (such as name, contact details and payment information) through this website and through the other channels described below. All of this personal information provided by you constitutes PII. Here are the ways you may provide the information and the types of information you may submit. We also tell you how we may use the information.

8.              Shopping.

You may be able to purchase Instapure products on this website. To process your purchase, we ask for your name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, email address and payment card information. We use this information to process your purchase, confirm your order and deliver the items to you. If you give us permission, we also may use your contact information to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions.

If you purchase an item or gift card on this site or ask us to deliver your purchase to someone else, we ask for the recipient’s name, postal address and email address. We use this information to send the gift card or item to the recipient. If you ask us to do so, we also may use this information to notify the recipient of your gift before it arrives.

9.              My Account Feature.

You may be able to create an account on this website. To do so, we ask for information such as your name and email address. You also may provide your age and gender.

Through the “my account” feature, you can store billing and shipping information so you will not have to enter it again when you make another purchase on this site. You can also store payment card information and details of your past purchases. You can save your credit card information on your account for faster checkout. To use this feature, we ask you to provide your credit card information and the corresponding billing address.

You can also use the “my account” feature to create a wish list of products you want and share your list by email with friends and family. If you choose to share your list, we ask for your name and email address and the recipient’s email address. This information is used only to email your list to your desired recipients.

You can create and save an address book on your account. You can delete entries in the address book at any time. Instapure will not use or disclose the information you delete from your address book.

10.           Surveys, Sweepstakes and Promotions.

On this website, you may be able to participate in surveys, sweepstakes and other promotions. If you choose to participate in these promotions, we may ask you for your name, email address, postal address and telephone number. We use the information you provide to administer our contests, sweepstakes and other promotions. We also may use the information to communicate with you about our products, services and promotions, but only if you have given us your consent to do so.

11.           Electronic Newsletters.

You may be able to sign up on this site to receive electronic newsletters and promotional emails from Instapure, including new ideas, special offers and event information. To sign up, we may ask you for your name, email address, postal address, telephone number, age, gender, shopping preferences and email preferences. We use this information to send you communications about our products and services, invitations to specials sales and events at stores located near you, and notices of new arrivals. We also use this information to tailor our newsletters to reflect your preferences. You can choose at any time not to receive marketing emails from us by clicking on the unsubscribe link within our marketing emails. You also may use the email preferences section of the “my account” feature to opt out of receiving marketing emails or to specify which, if any, communications you would like to receive from us. There is no charge to you to unsubscribe.

12.           Mobile Marketing.

You may be able to sign up to receive communications about our products and services through your mobile device by submitting your mobile telephone number online or by texting us. If you sign up for mobile communications, we will send you information about our products, services and promotions by text message. Depending on the terms of your mobile phone contract, you may incur charges for receiving and sending text messages on your mobile device. Instapure is not responsible for these charges.

13.           Blogs.

You may be able to submit comments to blogs we host on this website. You may include personal information in your comment, and you also may submit your name with your comment. We use your name to identify you as a commenter.

14.           Email to a Friend.

You may be able to share certain content from this website with your friends. To send information to your friends, we will ask for your email address and that your friends. We use this information only to fulfill your request. We do not retain the information you provide in connection with this feature, except to send the requested content. We will not include any advertisements within the messages sent to your friends.

15.           Contact Us.

If you communicate with us through the “Contact Us” link on this site, we may ask you for your name, email address, zip code and telephone number. We use this information to respond to and communicate with you about your questions and comments.

16.           Other Site Features.

We offer visitors to this website various features for their information and enjoyment, which we may change from time to time. We may ask you to submit certain personal information so we can provide you with these features and send you communications about our products, services and promotions.

17.           PPI We Collect by Automated Means.

We obtain certain information by automated means when you visit our website, such as the IP address of the device you use to connect to the Internet and the pages accessed. By collecting this information, we learn how to best tailor our website to our visitors and understand what products and services you might prefer. We collect this information through various means, such as “cookies” and “web beacons.” Both we and others (such as our service providers) may collect this PII about our visitors’ online activities over time and across third-party websites.

18.           Cookies.

Like many companies, we use “cookies” on this website. Cookies are bits of text that are placed on your computer’s hard drive when you visit certain websites. Cookies may enhance your online experience by saving your preferences while you are visiting a particular site. We use cookies, for example, to preserve the contents of your virtual shopping bag between visits. We also use cookies to measure activity on the site and determine which areas and features of the site are the most popular.

Most browsers will tell you how to stop accepting new cookies, how to be notified when you receive a new cookie and how to disable existing cookies. Without cookies, however, you may not be able to take full advantage of all our site features. For example, if you turn off cookies or refuse them, you will not be able to make purchases on the site.

19.           Web Beacons.

Certain pages on this website contain “web beacons” (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs). Web beacons are used for internal purposes, such as to obtain the IP address of the computer that downloaded the page on which the beacon appears, the URL of the page on which the beacon appears, the time the page containing the beacon was viewed, and the type of browser used to view the page. We also retain service providers who use web beacons to assess the effectiveness of our email communications and learn what pages our visitors viewed.

We may use third party web analytics services such as Google Analytics, to measure the effectiveness of our advertising and determine how visitors use this website. These service provides tools, including cookies and web beacons, that allow us to collect information such as the state and zip code from which our visitors come and the IP addresses of our visitors’ computers. To opt out of aggregation and analysis of data collected by Google Analytics, please click here.

20.           Third-Party Websites

The Instapure website may contain links (which may take the form of hyperlinks, widgets, clickable logos, plug-ins, images or banners) to other websites and services operated by third parties and/or entities other than Instapure This Privacy Policy does not apply to such other websites or services, so we recommend that you review their posted privacy policies so that you understand the relevant information collection, use and disclosure practices.

21.           Phishing, Spoofing & Other Schemes

It has become increasingly common for hackers, cyber-criminals and other unauthorized individuals to send emails and other communications to consumers purporting to represent a legitimate company, such as a bank or an online retailer, and requesting through those communications that the consumer provide personal, often sensitive, information. Sometimes, the domain name of the sender’s email address, or the domain name of the website requesting such information, may appear to be the domain name of a legitimate, trusted company. If you receive a request to provide sensitive information (including your account password, or any payment information) via email or to a website or individual that does not seem to be affiliated with the sites or Instapure, or that otherwise seems suspicious to you, please do not respond or disclose your information. Instapure will never send you an email requesting that you verify any credit card information, financial information or other sensitive personal information. Please immediately report any such communication by submitting it on the CONTACT US page.

Additionally, Instapure works with customs authorities, law enforcement and legal representatives globally in an effort to prevent the sale of counterfeit Instapure products, both online and offline. To avoid the risk of purchasing counterfeit products, it is best to buy directly from the only official Instapure e-commerce website (instapure.com), or an authorized store, specialty retailer or e-retailer that you know to be reputable. To report counterfeits, please submit details on our CONTACT US page.

22.           California Privacy Rights.

California Civil Code Section § 1798.83 permits users of our website that are California residents to request certain information regarding our disclosure of personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes. To make such a request, please write us at: Instapure Brands, Inc., 3855 Precision Drive, Suite 180, Loveland, Colorado 80538.

23.           EU Law and Opting Out of Cookies.

This Privacy Statement and its enumerated policies are intended to comply with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 25, 2018 (the “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR” and provide appropriate protection and care with respect to the treatment of your user information in accordance with the GDPR..

24.           Security.

Instapure maintains reasonable standards of confidentiality and security for this site and app and the PII collected from the Instapure website. The PII you provide is secured using industry standard e-commerce security technology. Instapure restricts its own employees’ access to the PII. However, it is possible that someone may intercept or access communications, transmissions and/or PII. You must also seek to protect against unauthorized access to any passwords and/or accounts that you use in connection with the website and/or this site and app, and you should remember to log off of the website and/or site and app once you have completed your activities on there or if you have decided to step away from your computer. In the event that Instapure determines that there has been a security breach resulting the unauthorized disclosure of PII to a third party, Instapure will notify consumers whose PII has been so disclosed by posting such information on its website and/or this site and app, but also, if email contact is possible, then Instapure would send an email advising of the status.

25.           PCI Overview.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a security standard which at Tier 1 Certification and compliance ensures unbeatable security and protection of sensitive customer information including credit cards. The requirements for Tier 1 Certification include:

  • Security management policies;
  • Security policies;
  • Security procedures;
  • Network architecture;
  • Software Design; or
  • Critical Protective Measures.

Websites go through a rigorous INDEPENDENT audit and significant investment to attain Tier 1 PCI DSS certification. The purpose is to ensure that their customers’ data is as safe as possible when they purchase products online.

26.           User Submissions

You may post or upload content you have created, including without limitation, photographs, your social media handle, videos, and comments (collectively, “User Submissions”) to your social media accounts. By posting and uploading User Submissions that you have tagged with #instapure or other Instapure Brands hashtags, you grant to Instapure, its third-party service providers who provide content management services, and its retail partners (collectively, the “Licensed Parties”) the perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, non-exclusive, transferable right to use your Instapure tagged User Submissions in any manner to be determined in the Licensed Parties’ sole discretion, including but not limited to on their webpages, social media pages operated by Instapure and in other marketing, promotional and advertising initiatives, in any media now or hereafter known. Instapure may use, display, reproduce, distribute, transmit, create derivative works from, combine with other materials, alter and/or edit your User Submissions in any manner in its sole discretion, with no obligation to you whatsoever. You grant the Licensed Parties the right to use your username, real name, image, likeness, caption, location or other identifying information in connection with any use of your User Submissions. You hereby represent and warrant that (i) you own all rights in and to your User Submissions, (ii) you have permission from all person(s) appearing in your User Submissions to grant the rights granted herein; (iii) you are not a minor, and (iv) the Licensed Parties’ use of your User Submissions as described herein will not violate the rights of any third party or any law. You hereby release, discharge and agree to hold Instapure the Licensed Parties, and any person acting on Instapure’s or their behalf harmless from any liability related in any way to the Licensed Parties’ use of your User Submissions.

27.           Modifications to the Privacy Policy.

Instapure may make modify, revise and/or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. In the event that such changes alter how Instapure gathers, processes, uses or discloses your PII, we will notify you through a notice on this Site. This Privacy Policy was last revised on February 4, 2017. You are responsible for periodically visiting this Site and this Privacy Policy to check for any changes.

Last updated February 4, 2017