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Have you ever looked at a glass of water and thought to yourself, “what is actually in here?” If you’re anything like the folks at Instapure, you have definitely thought about the things you can’t see in the water. In a glass of tap water, there are several substances other than hydrogen and oxygen. We will list them here.

The Good

Most tap water has vitamins and minerals that are actually good for you. Here are some common ones.

Fluoride – Fluoride has been added to water for decades. You might be familiar with fluoride as it is often listed as an active ingredient in toothpaste. Fluoride is added to water to help reduce tooth decay and is regulated closely because too much fluoride can be damaging to your health. Our filters retain fluoride in water because it can do more good than harm to you.

Calcium – When you think of calcium, you might think milk of cheese. However, there is also calcium present in your tap water. Calcium is key to keeping your bones and teeth strong, and it also keeps your heartbeat regular. Our filters also keep calcium in the water you drink.

Magnesium – Magnesium is another important vitamin that can be found in tap water. Magnesium helps control your blood pressure and insulin sensitivity as well as keeps your heart beating regularly. The Instapure filters also keep magnesium in your tap water.

The Not So Good

There are also things in tap water that aren’t good for you, and often water contains just trace amounts. Here are the most common things you might find in your tap water.

Chlorine – Before water gets to your house, apartment, or office, it goes through a purification system. During purification, chlorine is used to disinfect water from a wide variety of contaminants. However, exposure to too much chlorine can be detrimental to your health. Our filters help clear our traces of chlorine to keep you from experiencing stomach discomfort or eye and nose irritation.

Lead – Lead is a metal that can get into your tap water through corroding pipes and faucets or through the erosion of natural deposits. Lead in water can be especially damaging to infants and children, delaying their development. In adults, high levels of lead can cause high blood pressure and kidney problems. Instapure filters capture lead properties in your tap water keeping you and your children healthy.

Herbicides – Herbicides are chemicals used mostly in agriculture to destroy unwanted vegetation, like weeds. Herbicides can enter tap water from runoff into lakes and rivers where drinking water is sourced from. Consuming herbicides can lead to liver, kidney, or adrenal gland problems. Our filters are created to extract herbicides from your tap water, giving you cleaner and safer water.

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